It’s a rare occasion that you catch Chad without a camera in close reach. His passion for process and lighting has resulted in nearly two decades of arresting images and happy clients. He’s worked in wet plate, street photography, outdoor, and product photography—but he’s a master at working directly with his subjects to set them at ease and capture a natural, flattering headshot. 
If you’re looking to make a positive first impression with a headshot that you’re proud of, you’ve come to the right place.
My process is simple. Provide a comfortable and relaxed environment to capture your personality and show you at your very best. 
In today’s online environment, visibility is everything. My clients are professionals, authors, speakers, and business leaders who need a photo that represents their personal style. We’ll spend the time to get the right shot! I’m not a get-you-in-and-get-you-out studio. We’ll talk about your brand, your goals, and the feeling you want to convey with your image. We’ll have a cup of tea, or a glass of wine, or maybe even a nip of Scotch before we start shooting. Being relaxed is a big part of this process. I want to capture your natural smile and individuality.  
Here’s the deal, having your photo taken can be scary, I get that, that’s why I want you to feel at ease. More than three quarters of my clients say they experience sleepless nights and anxiety leading up to our shoot day, only to realize that they worried for not. I promise that you will enjoy the process and love your photos!
Are you ready? Call me today. Let’s talk about your best photo.
Your Brand: 
Personal branding is about visibility, authority, and personal style. We’ll work with you to ensure that we capture an image that perfectly represents you and your brand. Revealing your personality is a big part of getting the right shot. How you dress or pose, and where we take the photo is all part of this process. Whether you are a real estate agent, author, speaker, or business leader—we’ll capture the essence of you and the feeling you want to convey in your headshot.
Your Look: 
Lighting is king when it comes to creating your best look. I’ve got that covered. Setting is a close second, I’ll work with you to choose the best location and background. I’ll also help you make the best choices for wardrobe, and if you need hair and makeup, I work with a talented group of stylists who can come on site to help you look and feel your best with confidence.
What to know and bring
I recommend bringing at least four changes of outfits, ranging in colors from light to dark. Consider your brand color and be sure to bring that one color that always gets you compliments. I recommend solid colors (busy patterns and stripes tend to be distracting and noisy). 
Depending on your brand and your audience, I typically recommend that you bring a professional outfit (like a business suit), a few casual options, and something that you feel comfortable in. You might even consider treating yourself to a shopping spree. A new outfit ads a sense of confidence and provides a crisp, clean look that presents well in photos.
I shoot from the waist up so don’t worry about your pants or shoes. 
Avoid loose fitting clothing. Avoid sleeveless (unless your physique is part of your brand).
Make sure your clothes are wrinkle and lint free. 
Consider creating a Pinterest board for inspiration and outfit ideas.
Bring an assortment of ties (it’s ok to choose patterns and bright colors for your tie). Bring a section of jewelry, chunky jewelry tends to be distracting, but you never can tell what will look great on camera. It’s best to have an assortment of possibilities.  
Bring your own makeup in case we need to do a touch-up halfway through.  
Individual Pricing: $695
Travel and setup fee (within 40 miles: $100)
up to three hours of shooting 
unlimited backdrop options
unlimited looks/outfits
unlimited rights usage 
online viewing and selection gallery
retouching for three photos
Corporate Pricing: $1,295
Travel, lighting, backgrounds, and setup included 
includes up to 50 shots per person
includes one hour of setup and up to four hours of shooting
includes an assortment of background options
outdoor settings included
unlimited looks/outfits
unlimited rights usage 
online viewing and selection gallery
retouching of one photo for each person
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